• Karl Friedrich Meckel„Die Stiftung soll im Dienst der Völkerverständigung und des Weltfriedens für eine Gemeinschaft von Studenten verschiedener Nationalitäten Heimstätten errichten und unterhalten.“

    Karl Friedrich Meckel *04.01.1905 - †23.10.1969


Mein Jahr in Mannheim war mehr als ein Studium, es war eine Lebenserfahrung.

Rebeccah Dawson (Carrboro)


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Zhao Ziping, "Study Report"

I am a BWL student from Shanghai Jiaotong University. 
Last semester, thanks for the Uni-Mannheim opportunity, I became an exchange student in Mannheim. And thanks for Ekkehard Foundation, I lived in L2, 2-4, Apt 41-2.
I really enjoyed studying in Uni-Mannheim and living in L2.

I took several courses in BWL. The most impressive thing is that compared with my home university, Uni-Mannheim offered a more international environment to students. All my courses are taught in English. I can learn a lot from the professors’ lecture and their experience. What’s more, in the course which required team discussion, I joined a group composed of classmates from different countries. We spend a lot of time together to polish our presentation and during the time, we became good friends.

L2 is also a wonderful place, not only for its convenient location and comfortable design, but also for my lovely roommates and neighbors! 
My best friends in Mannheim are my roommates: Marie from French and Jola from Lithuania. They spoke fluent Germany while I couldn’t. If not with their help, I couldn’t have adapted myself to the new environment so quickly. It’s also fun living with them! We shared the music we like and cooked different food. Now I can cook some western food taught by them for my Chinese friends! We also hold party together in our living room. Marie always took her friends who from south Europe, and Jola took those from East Europe and I took those from Asia, and of course we three also invited our German classmates. Just imagine that all our friends gathered together and everyone had a good time! 
L2 has its building talk every 2 week which was organized by Sarah, who is also a Uni-Mannheim student. There are a lot professors and students in L2 and building talk made us know each other. We made pies together, went to theater together and travel together. After building talk, the Iceland mama become our apartment’s best friend. And the Korean professor invited us to drink tea with her. The Chinese professor even go to Hamburg with Marie and I.

What I get from a semester are knowledge, friends, and all these sweet memory. 
And I agree that my name and email address to be listed on Ekkehard Foundation homepage. I would love to make friends with former and future Ekkehard scholarship holders.

Zhao Ziping