• Karl Friedrich Meckel„Die Stiftung soll im Dienst der Völkerverständigung und des Weltfriedens für eine Gemeinschaft von Studenten verschiedener Nationalitäten Heimstätten errichten und unterhalten.“

    Karl Friedrich Meckel *04.01.1905 - †23.10.1969


Mein Jahr in Mannheim war mehr als ein Studium, es war eine Lebenserfahrung.

Rebeccah Dawson (Carrboro)


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Saladino Straub Sofia (exchange student from Buenos Aires, Argentina)

First of all I would like to thank the Ekkehard Foundation and the University Guesthouse staff for this great experience I had. I was very nervous before arriving Mannheim and after spending four month in this beautiful city, I can totally assure that it was and it will always be one of the most important experience I had. The apartment amenities and services were very good. And also, the location of it is very comfortable. My room was very agreeable, I feel as I was at home because I had a nice desk to work and it was very cozy.

My roommates were very kind. Diana was from Peru and Angie was from Ecuador. Hence, the three of us are from America, and that was very important for me because we share a lot of culture, not only the language but the way of living, and the way we care about each other. Diana and Angie will be my friends for ever, because we trust each other a lot. The location of the apartment was perfect. Any time I needed something I just got to go downstairs and chose to which market go. I could go to the university, to the library by walking. Everything was very close, and I really enjoy that, because I live on the outskirts, about 35/40 minutes out of the town. Hence I always need to get a bus to do whatever I want to do.

Not only the amenities of my apartment were perfect, but also the amenities of the Guesthouse. I felt really very comfortable, I learnt a lot about the experience of living alone. And I also learnt a lot of values from the experience of sharing an apartment with two other roommates. The University Guesthouse staff was always attentive with me and with my necessities. Although the culture from Germany is very different compared it to my country, I felt truly very comfortable and pleasant.

Academically I acquired very important tools for my Political Scientist career. The way of teaching here in Mannheim is very different from my home University, so it was very interesting to learn a new way of studying. Once again, I would like to thanks for this opportunity you gave me. I really took a lot of advantages of it and I will always remember this experience as one of the most important ones in my life.

Saladino Straub Sofía
E-Mail: sofiasaladino(at)gmail.com