• Karl Friedrich Meckel„Die Stiftung soll im Dienst der Völkerverständigung und des Weltfriedens für eine Gemeinschaft von Studenten verschiedener Nationalitäten Heimstätten errichten und unterhalten.“

    Karl Friedrich Meckel *04.01.1905 - †23.10.1969


Mein Jahr in Mannheim war mehr als ein Studium, es war eine Lebenserfahrung.

Rebeccah Dawson (Carrboro)


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Hsiao-wei Kuo

I dreamt for a long time about living in a foreign country, especially in Europe, and I think studying abroad is the best way to improve myself, being independent and exploring the unknown. Last year, I've been given a wonderful opportunity to be as an exchange student study in Mannheim and it really has been one of the best times of my life.

The University of Mannheim has an excellent reputation in teaching and research, provides a wide selection of courses conducted in German and in English, as well as guest lectures and case studies. It also creates an encouraging, study-friendly and multicultural learning environment in a unique baroque palace and organizes various excursions, cultural events and parties throughout the semester. And with the great support of international office, international students could settle down well in a new environment. Furthermore, I always had a desire to learn and get to know people from different countries. In Mannheim I had the chance to meet people from all over the world, cooperate with them, experience and understand other cultures. I especially liked the friendliness of people and that they directly involved foreign students in all the activities.

During my stay in Mannheim, I received a scholarship from the Ekkehard Foundation for spring semester 2013. It's a great honor to receive this scholarship. I cannot express how grateful I am of International office and Ekkehard Foundation, not only is the housing scholarship helping lessen the financial burden of living costs, but it has also given me a pleasant living environment and opportunity to meet people with different backgrounds and experiences. Studying in Mannheim does not only challenge my intellect, improve my language skills and future employment options, it also allows me to travel while studying, provides the opportunities for personal growth and widens my horizons intellectually, socially and culturally. I learned a lot, met many friendly people and had a great time here. It was truly an amazing experience.